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    About POLSA 



Aims and Functions:


  • To promote, and co-ordinate and apply policing as a science through study, teaching, research and community service.

  • To co-operate with interested local, foreign and international institutions.

  • To publish and make known research findings on matters relating to policing and crime.

  • To promote and activate the professional and academic interests of its members.

  • To create a channel for liaison with government institutions.

  • To inform the community about crime in general and the policing thereof.


The Association envisages to achieve its objectives by:

  1. Holding congresses, bringing out publications and commenting on aspects concerning crime and the policing thereof;

  2. Undertaking research projects as well as activating research by other people and organisations;

  3. Liaising with national, foreign and international associations and organisations with similar aims;

  4. Striving for effective training in policing;

  5. Publication of a professional journal;

  6. Facilitating social meetings between members of the Association and other professional associations mentioned in 3 and

  7. Performing any other activity in order to achieve its objectives.